Founded in BC in 1992, the Home Inspectors Association BC (HIABC) is a not-for-profit association representing over 300 Home Inspectors in BC and providing professional Home Inspectors with continuing education, government relations, career enrichment, and business support services.

HIABC membership is open to all experienced or new and training home inspectors. Experienced home inspectors can apply for membership through our career equivalency recognition program while our training program is designed to help new inspectors every step on the way.

In 2004, in response to the high costs of traditional insurance for home inspectors, HIABC developed its self funded, non-for-profit Errors & Omissions Plan, formed by home inspectors for home inspectors.  We currently have over 350 members in our Plan.  Our Professional Insurance Plan is based on a 'home inspector's perspective'.  Our legal counsel and staff understand the key elements of the inspection process and its limitations.  Our support to our Plan members begins on day one, from the moment an inspector is faced with a complaint or possibility of a claim.   

HIABC prides itself on high value for our members and has a long list of benefits of membership.  HIABC is the only Home Inspection Association in BC with full time staff committed to technical and administrative support of our members, vigilance of the industry, and protection of the consumer through regular review of standards and appropriate modifications to education, training and competency assurance processes.  


Continuing Education

The Home Inspectors Association requires every member to show proof of 20 continued educational credits annually to maintain membership in good standing.  HIABC provides 4 training sessions per year, bringing in experts to enrich the practice of our members and raise the professionalism and community within our industry.   Quarterly...

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Errors and Omissions Coverage - HIABC Professional Insurance Plan (PIP)

HIABC Professional Insurance Plan (PIP) since 2004 Developed by Home Inspectors for Home Inspectors The Home Inspectors Association owns and manages the Professional Insurance Plan to meet BC home inspector license requirements for Errors & Omissions coverage and to protect members from risks of possible claims. Errors & Omissions ...

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Best Practices

Home Inspectors make hundreds of observations on every single home they inspect, however, homes, like people, are infinitely variable and even experienced home inspectors may need some help to know how to proceed on an issue. The Home Inspectors Association BC (HIABC) provides best practices to help members with topics such as: Defect Reco...

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Member Health Benefits

The Home Inspectors Association BC (HIABC) uses our membership size to offer special incentives and promotions to our members for services such as: Supplemental Health Insurance Dental Insurance Life and Disability Insurance Our extended Health and Benefit team understands the rhythms and cycles of the Home Inspection Industry w...

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Home Inspector Association (HIABC) members who have met the highest standard of training and proven experience get to use the Accredited Home Inspector (AHI) professional designation. Our members who have earned this mark are proud to represent their expertise to their clients, contacts, and peers. To earn the AHI mark, inspectors must demonstra...

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Complaint Handling

A professional home inspection by a qualified home inspector is a home buyers BEST protection from unexpected home expenses when buying a new home, however, it is not intended to catch every deficiency a home may have. Home Inspections have limitations such as: Time Limitations (an inspection lasts hours, not days) Non-Invasive (inspecto...

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Additonal Inspection Services

Home Inspector Association BC (HIABC) members are ideally qualified and positioned to offer additional revenue services to clients outside the scope of a home inspection. While HIABC does not regulate these businesses directly, it does provide members with some industry support, training opportunities, Errors & Omissions coverage, and othe...

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Government Regulations

The Home Inspectors Association BC (HIABC) has long been the voice of the home inspection industry, and even more importantly, has become the voice of the Home Inspector within the Province of BC. HIABC’s passionate membership and strong leadership has allowed HIABC to have a voice with the Province of BC where individual home inspect...

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