Our History

Home inspections began as a consumer service in North America in the early 1970’s as a response to the growing demand from home buyers to learn about the condition of a house prior to purchase.

As a consumer, retaining the services of a member of Home Inspectors Association BC to perform your home inspection assures you that you are hiring a licensed professional with proven ability, experience and impartiality. HIABC has a stringent membership process including education necessary to successfully complete our membership exams, field training, reports for verification and Peer Reviews. Members are provided with ongoing educational seminars and member forums to keep them up to date with current information. Hiring an HIABC licensed professional can give you peace of mind and help you make a confident and informed buying decision.

Home inspections began as a consumer service in North America in the early 1970’s in direct response to the growing demand by home buyers to learn about the condition of a house prior to purchase. It is a unique discipline, distinct from construction, engineering, architecture, or municipal building inspection, and as such requires its own set of professional guidelines and qualifications.

Formerly known as CAHPI(BC), in 2016 the membership voted by a large majority to discontinue its relationship with CAHPI(National), receiving approval for a name change to Home Inspectors Association BC (HIABC).

Following are salient facts in the chronological evolution of HOME INSPECTORS ASSOCIATION BC:


October, 2022.  HIABC Charity Funds in the amount of $15,000  donated to BC Children’s Hospital. 

With thanks to our generous home inspector members who have contributed at our events through 50/50 draws and direct donations, we will be helping meet the most critical needs of children from across the province through groundbreaking research, life-saving equipment and essential programs.

The HIABC Charity Fund was developed in 2009, with member inspectors voting unanimously for BC Children’s Hospital as our charity of choice.  Since that time we have donated over $40,000 to the BC Children’s Foundation.  HIABC Home Inspectors generously give back to their communities.

August 19, 2022. Home-Inspectors-Investigation-Intentions-Paper-web 19Aug22

An Intentions Paper for the Home Inspection Industry has been published on the website of the Office of Superintendent of Professional Governance (OSPG.)

This paper reflects the undertaking of an assessment by the OSPG of the BC Home Inspection industry to determine if we should be approved for designation under the Professional Governance Act (PGA).  This comes after years of hard work by the Home Inspectors Association BC to move our industry away from the current regulator, Consumer Protection BC.

The Intentions Paper outlines the process and changes that the OSPG would like to take for the BC home inspection industry, and will be directed to the Public, Stakeholders, and all BC Home Inspectors for review and comments by September 16th.

Ultimately, HIABC looks to achieve the following:

  • Move away from Consumer Protection BC as industry regulator
  • A unified Scope of Inspection and Competency Standard for all BC home inspectors
  • A unified Ethics Standard
  • Mandatory Continuing Education
  • Professional Oversight from an approved BC professional home inspection association
  • Authority to review an inspector’s competence and take disciplinary action for substandard inspections

June 1, 2022. Helene Barton, after over 14 years as HIABC Executive Director, steps down from the  executive director role to become the full time HIABC Insurance Plan Administrator.  She will  work exclusively with HIABC inspectors  and their clients, to assist with resolving complaints and potential claims.

Errors & Omissions Insurance.  Canadian insurers have hardened their underwriting approach to professional liability insurance, increased rates substantially or refused coverage completely, many unprepared to take the risk of insuring home inspectors.

The HIABC Professional Insurance Plan (PIP), developed by home inspectors for home inspectors in 2004,  is recognized as a premier member benefit plan for home inspectors in North America.

The PIP approves applications for qualified Pillar to Post home inspectors across Canada for membership in our Plan.

May 26, 2022.  BC Financial Services Authority (BCFSA) announces  delivery of report to  the Minister of Finance which includes advice to government aimed to improve protection of homebuyers in BC:

Enhancing Consumer Protection in B.C.’s Real Estate Market

March 28, 2022.  BC Government drafts new legislation for ‘Cooling off Period’.

BC Financial Services Authority invites HIABC Executive Director Helene Barton to speak at a March 28, 2022 media release with Minister of Finance, Celina Robinson,  to announce upcoming  legislation in BC for a ‘cooling off period’ to ensure consumers have the right to conduct their own due diligence (home inspection and financing) prior to purchasing a home.


HIABC, with the assistance of member Trish Wise, develops important online Report Writing Course for its members to ensure skilled inspection report writing to further assist the consumer.

HIABC has over 120 Candidate Members on file for training to become home inspectors.  The development of the Field Training and Peer Review Inspection process has become a valuable tool in assisting these candidates.  Newer members who have been through this process, along with improved report writing skills, are moving to provincial licensing status with outstanding professionalism and knowledge.

The HIABC Professional Insurance Plan (PIP) continues to thrive with outstanding success and is now recognized throughout North America.  Membership remains exclusive to HIABC members and groups in Canada approved by the PIP Committee.  All members must meet mandatory PIP Guidelines to ensure quality inspections and reporting.

HIABC continues to hold its members to higher standards and education than mandated by the industry regulator, Consumer Protection BC.  We have continued to lobby the BC Government to remove the industry from CPBC.

An extensive HIABC application and Risk Matrix were sent to the Office of the Superintendent of Professional Governance (OSPG) office in July, 2022.  We now await their review on determination of our move away from CPBC and under the umbrella of the OSPG.

Bob Hamm steps down as HIABC president after 4 years of outstanding efforts to move our industry forward.  He is replaced by Jonathan Sheppard.


With the onset of COVID 19, the 2020 HIABC Annual General Meeting will be held virtually by zoom platform.

With the closing of proctor sites throughout the province, HIABC has announced  further proctoring of the HIABC Canadian Home Inspector Exams (CHIE) will be done by zoom platform by the HIABC staff.

Unable to have face to face education sessions because of the pandemic, HIABC education webinars will be offered through zoom to our members monthly to ensure sufficient education credits at renewal time.


In principal, the Government agrees that Consumer Protection BC is not a good fit as the Regulator of the Home Inspection Industry, suggesting a goal of moving our industry under the recently developed Professional Governance Act (PGA).

The HIABC Professional Insurance Plan (PIP) shows enormous growth and success as the Executive Director, working with a PIP Committee of seasoned inspectors, handles more of the complaints and potential claims without costly legal expenses.

HIABC Legislation Committee, Bob Hamm, Craig Hostland, and Helene Barton meet with the new Superintendent of the Office Professional Governance, Paul Craven.  It was agreed that we would expect to begin an application process in the fall of 2020.

HIABC state of the art Canadian Home Inspectors Exam (CHIE), developed in 2014 by HIABC in conjunction with the University of British Columbia, have generated over $200,000 in revenue.


The prestigious Owen Dickie Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to Tony Kazoleas on his retirement.  Tony has been a valuable member of the association since 1995, working in various board positions including president to build the association and assist its members.

Consumer Protection BC (CPBC) advises of fee increase for home inspectors to provide them with an annual license.  The new proposed fee is $820 –  increased from $100 in 2009.

HIABC drafts an Op-Ed for the Vancouver Sun showing the negative changes made to the BC home inspection industry by the regulator, CPBC.

10-27-18 – HIABC VanSun Op-Ed

Following this publication, a meeting was granted in Victoria with Solicitor General Farnworth and HIABC president, Bob Hamm, and executive director, Helene Barton.  Minister Farnworth recognized that the home inspection industry is not a good fit with CPBC and agrees to work with us to remove ourselves from them as regulator.

The Board approves a motion to develop an online report writing course and an intensive field training program.  Geoff Baile, board director, takes the lead in the development of the HIABC Field Training program.

HIABC sends a Regulatory Proposal to government, including the proposal for mandatory inclusions of a single common Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics set for all inspectors in BC, mandatory continued education, and mandatory membership in an approved BC professional home inspection association for support and oversight.


2017 included significant changes:

  • Separation from CAHPI National
  • Renaming and rebranding of CAHPI(BC) to the Home Inspectors Association BC (HIABC)
  • Bringing inadequate changes made to the industry by regulator Consumer Protection BC to the attention of BC Government.  CPBC significantly lowered the standards for the home inspection industry
  • Working with Government to ensure more informed legislative changes in the future
  • Working with 40 new HIABC candidate members as they tried to meet difficult new training deadlines imposed by CPBC.
  • Developing a new HIABC website
  • Working with legal counsel and insurance companies to make important changes to our Legal Benefit Plan to comply with CPBC insurance requirements; resulting in the renaming of the LBP to the HIABC Professional Insurance Plan (PIP) and ensuring another successful year for our member Plan
  • Drafting media releases and radio events to ensure the BC public is aware of the excellence of HIABC home inspectors and the risk that many buyers are taking with the lack of home inspections in the current frenzied real estate market conditions
  • Revising our HIABC Code of Ethics to ensure the public recognizes the distinction of HIABC inspectors’ commitment to working only for the consumer, keeping an arms’ length from the real estate industry
  • Sadly acknowledging the passing of Owen Dickie, a founding member of both our association and the home inspection industry in BC.  He will be missed.
  • Introduction of the HIABC Owen Dickie Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Craig Hostland steps down from the Board of Directors after 10 years of leadership, making him a rare recipient of the Owen Dickie Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.


  • Home Inspectors Association BC Donate to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

HIABC Charity Funds in the amount of $10,000 will be donated live  Sunday, June 4th  as part of Miracle Weekend, a two-day celebration broadcasted live on Global BC, showcasing the best of Children’s Hospital and celebrating the fundraising efforts undertaken throughout the year.

With thanks to our generous home inspector members who have contributed at our events through 50/50 draws and direct donations, we will be helping meet the most critical needs of children from across the province through groundbreaking research, life-saving equipment and essential programs.

Since 2009 our members have donated over $23,000 to this charity.  HIABC Home Inspectors generously give back to their communities.



HIABC responds to Consumer Protection BC’s diluted regulations for new home inspectors entering the industry by assuring the public that HIABC inspectors will follow more stringent requirements to ensure the confidence of the BC consumer.

Media Release Mar2017 


  • Phase 1 introduced September 1, 2016 by Consumer Protection BC (CPBC) with new BC Government regulations for the inspection industry lowers the bar for  incoming home inspectors.  Consumers must be aware that inspectors coming into the industry are required to have reduced qualifications to be licensed in BC.  Home Inspectors Association BC working to bring this to the attention of CPBC and Government, requesting an immediate review.
  • Phase 1 eliminates the legal requirement for a licensed home inspector in BC to belong to a professional association.  Consumers can no longer be assured that their home inspector has the necessary oversight provided by a professional body.  Home buyers and sellers can be confident of the highest quality home inspection when choosing an inspector belonging to HIABC.
  • Mandatory continued education for BC home inspectors has been dropped from the September 1, 2016 regulations.  HIABC continues to make annual continued education credits mandatory within this association.
  • Home Inspectors Association calls for BC Government to implement a seven-day cooling off period to protect home buyers.  BC home buyers are risking tens of thousands of dollars by making ‘subject free’ offers on homes in order to win ‘bidding wars’ in this current real estate market.  HIABC Media Release 06Jul16
  • New BC regulation of the home inspection industry approves Home Inspectors Association’s  CHIE (Canadian Home Inspection Exam) for use in British Columbia.  This state of the art online exam allows for exam proctoring throughout the province.
  • CAHPI(BC) officially changed its Society name to HOME INSPECTORS ASSOCIATION BC.


In a referendum with 296 voting members of CAHPI(BC), an overwhelming majority voted in favour of discontinuing our relationship with CAHPI National.


  • Following a year of formal collaboration with the University of British Columbia, CAHPI(BC) introduces an online home inspection examination, deliverable throughout the Province.  The Canadian Home Inspection Examination (CHIE) allows for more accurate, more precise and verifiable exam testing and sets the highest standard for competency in the home inspection industry.
  • CAHPI(BC) works closely with the provincial government throughout the consultation phase to strengthen home inspector licensing in British Columbia.  We have promoted enhanced rigour in both home inspection standards and training, to better protect consumers making the significant financial investment that  the purchase of a home represents.
  • CAHPI(BC) hosts information sessions for public and industry stakeholders to gather information related to the 2014 review of the CAHPI Standards of Practice.  This dialogue is a continuation of CAHPI(BC)’s ongoing effort to improve the home inspection professional and meet the needs of consumers.


  • Newly elected BC Premier, Christy Clark adds review of the home inspection industry regulation to her election platform, then mandates Minister Rich Coleman the job of overhauling the industry legislation.  This follows repeated correspondence to the Government from CAHPI(BC) demanding higher standards and educational criteria for new inspectors to ensure the BC consumer of professionally trained and reliable home and property inspections.
  • We are  excited to announce that we are nearing completion of a formal collaboration with the University of British Columbia (UBC) on a research program to develop more rigorous proficiency testing for home inspectors that is more accurate, more precise, verifiable, and deliverable throughout BC and that will set the highest standard for competency in the home inspection industry.
  • An extensive 5 year review of the 2008 National Occupation Standard (NOS) has been completed.  This update reflects current realities of the profession and provides additional guidance on performance standards, learning requirements and personal attributes leading to success in the home and property inspection industry.  This revision represents the third edition of the standard, first published in 2001.   The occupational standards describe the skill, knowledge and abilities required to perform the duties of a professional home and property inspector, and form the basis for training; curriculum development; accreditation of training programs, recruitment; performance improvement, and the certification of practitioners.


  • CAHPI(BC) initiates recommendations to Consumer Protection BC for tougher criteria for new home and property inspector qualifications. We continue to make every effort to ensure that every home inspector in this Province is trained to the highest standard.
  • CAHPI(BC) Spearheads Research Program to Develop Exacting Home Inspection Examination with the University of British Columbia. This is the commencement of a formal collaboration with UBC on a research program to develop more rigorous proficiency testing for home inspectors that is more accurate, more precise, verifiable, and deliverable throughout BC and that will set a new, higher, standard for competency in the home inspection industry.
  • CAHPI(BC) signs Cross Canada Inter-Provincial Labour Mobility Agreement. The CAHPI inter-provincial Labour Mobility Agreement was formalized at the 2012 CAHPI National Conference in Halifax in October. This agreement, signed by all provincial/ regional CAHPI associations, affirms a CAHPI inspector member is granted unencumbered access to employment opportunities in their profession in any Province, including BC.
  • CAHPI(BC) membership approves new Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics  at December 1st QGM.


CAHPI(BC) meets with other home inspection associations to come to an agreement on new inspector training qualifications. We believe the current criteria set by CPBC needs to be more stringent.


  • CAHPI(BC) appoints Registrar, Helene Barton as Executive Director at April 2010 Annual General Meeting.
  • CAHPI (BC) membership enrollment increases to over 300.
  • CAHPI(BC) hosts the 17th Annual CAHPI National Conference in Kelowna.


  • January 30th. Solicitor General John van Dongen announces regulation of the home inspection industry in BC. All home inspectors will be required to be licensed by the Consumer Protection BC as of April 1, 2009.
  • June 19th. Minister van Dongen attends CAHPI(BC) Spring Conference in Victoria and is personally thanked by CAHPI(BC) membership for his efforts in the regulation of the home inspection industry. CPBC representatives attend the meeting to discuss their role in the process.


  • CAHPI(BC) launches new “Legal Benefits Plan” brochure.
  • Honourable John van Dongen, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General, speaks at CAHPI(BC)’s September 20, 2008 Quarterly General Meeting.
  • Bill Sutherland, RHI, CAHPI(BC) President 2004-2008, elected President of CAHPI National.


  • President Bill Sutherland hires Helene Barton as CAHPI(BC) Registrar in December.
  • CAHPI(BC) opens new office at 5-3304 Appaloosa Road, Kelowna with the official opening on June 1.
  • CAHPI(BC) exams now proctored in-house in new office’s boardroom.
  • The National Certification Program for home inspectors is now active in B.C.


  • Information on National Certification Program (NCP) is put on CAHPI(BC) website.
  • CAHPI(BC) representatives meet with Solicitor General, John Les and provide a legislation package at no cost to the government.


  • CAHPI(BC) Government Liaison Committee meets with Minister Coell to discuss legislation for the Home Inspection Industry.
  • CAHPI(BC) launches their new customer brochure at the April 23, 2005 Annual General Meeting.
  • CAHPI(BC) membership and candidate applications surpasses the 200 member mark
  • Vince Burnett, RHI is the recipient of the first CAHPI(BC) Presidents Award.
  • CAHPI(BC) launches a pre-election public relations campaign and gains phenomenal support for legislation of the Home Inspection Industry from municipal governments and Chamber of Commerce offices.


  • CAHPI(BC) launches the Legal Benefits Plan, providing an alternative errors & omissions claims coverage for members.
  • CAHPI(BC) hosts the 2004 CAHPI National Conference in Whistler, with inspectors from every province, two territories and the US in attendance.
  • CAHPI(BC) meets with the BC Safety Authority to discuss electrical service reviews performed by CAHPI(BC) members.


  • CAHPI(BC) participates in Phase 2/3 of establishing a National Standard for Training and Certification of Home Inspectors.
  • Government Liaison Committee goes to Caucus on April 10, 2003.
  • New CAHPI(BC) website released to public.
  • CAHPI(BC) creates Registered Home Inspector (Retired) membership level.


  • CAHPI(BC) invited to participate as member of the CSA Technical Advisor Committee of Standards Development for Shakes and Shingles.
  • Government Liaison Committee (Larry Hipperson, Owen Dickie and Rose Marie Moore) meets with Hon. George Abbott, BC Housing Minister to discuss “Rights to Practice” issues.
  • CAHPI(BC) releases its first Newsletter “Inspector@Home”.


  • Occupation Standard completed and released to the public.
  • Approval of funding for application for Phase 2/3 funding approved at the CAHPI national level. This is to include curriculum development, certification processes and the Standards of Practice.
  • Approval of revised format from one two-hour meeting, a month to a daylong training session and business lunch every three months. First meeting under revised format to occur in January 2002.


  • First complete Policy Manual adopted by CAHI(BC).
  • First CAHI(BC) regional Meeting held in the Kelowna with 14 of a possible 18 members present.
  • CAHI(BC) Members approve a Resolution to change the name of the Society to the “Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (BC).
  • Both CAHI(BC) and WAPI (Western Association of Property Inspectors) approve new Purposes and By-Laws for the amalgamation into CAHPI (BC).
  • CAHI(BC) and WAPI amalgamate into CAHPI(BC). This is the first successful amalgamation of provincial home inspection associations in Canada.
  • At the national level, funding is approved to develop an Occupational Standard. CAHPI(BC) is one of the major contributors of funds and committee members.


  • CAHI(BC) Certification Exams adopted by Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan. CAHI(BC) Exams now the most widely used certification exam in Canada.
  • CAHI(BC) hosts CAHI National Educational Conference in Victoria.


  • Work continues throughout the year on CAHI(BC)/WAPI Amalgamation and development of a national standard for home inspections.
  • CAHI(BC) Certification Exams shown to Home Inspection Associations across Western Canada.


  • CAHI(BC) and WAPI participate in national meetings in Toronto to review the December 1996 meeting reports.
  • CAHI(BC) and WAPI participate in a meeting in Edmonton to form a committee to establish national standards for the home inspection profession. An agreed principal is that there will only be one organization in each province. CAHI(BC) and WAPI agree to begin negotiations to amalgamate.
  • CAHPI(BC) begins use of it’s own certification exams.


CAHI(BC) and WAPI participate in national meetings in Toronto to discuss a National Standard for Home Inspections.


BC Registrar of Societies issues and Occupational Title Protection Certificate to CAHI(BC) for the title “Registered Home Inspector” and initials “RHI”.


  • CAHI(BC) establishes province wide phone line 1-800-610-5665 (1-800-610-LOOK).
  • CAHI(BC) hosts the International CAHI/ASHI Mid-Year Conference.
  • CAHI(BC) establishes a full time office in Kelowna BC.
  • CAHI National evolves into “Association of Associations” with CAHI (BC) representing home inspectors in British Columbia.
  • Representative from CAHI(BC) meets with CMHC in Ottawa to discuss the future of the Home Inspection Industry in Canada.


  • First policies adopted by CAHI(BC) Executive.
  • The Registrar of Societies who issues Certificate of Registration number S-30216 accepts the Purposes & Bylaws of the Association.


Canadian Association of Home Inspectors (British Columbia) name registered with Province of BC.