Flooding in basement

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Flooding in basement

Source: Lynch Building Inspection Services Ltd. of Nelson, BC
Originally appeared in The Nelson Express

During a recent heavy rainfall I found water coming in under our foundation wall. We have figured out how to stop it, but the water has spread under interior walls, carpet and cabinets throughout our basement. We’re concerned about the potential for mould and whether we should contact our insurance agent. Please reply ASAP.

First, call your insurance agent immediately and report the details of the flood. Expect that your agent will advise you to hire a professional flood clean-up contractor. Make sure you hire a contractor who is trained in flood restoration and mould remediation because specialized equipment and knowledge is essential to ensure the clean up is carried out properly. A fast, thorough clean-up will help ensure that mould growth will not occur.

Before the contractor begins clean up make sure you have the moisture source under control. Within 48 hours of the flood dispose of all water damaged items that cannot be salvaged and thoroughly dry fixed items like cabinets to avoid mould growth. Your clean-up contractor will have large vacuums and dryers to help in this process.

Check for mould growth behind wallpaper, wall cavities, under wood subfloors, bottoms wood framed walls and crawl spaces. If you find mould growth advise your contractor who will safely remove it. Make sure all cleaning and repairs have been completed thoroughly and to your satisfaction before you advise your insurance agent that the work is complete.