Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics entrenched within the Home Inspectors Association BC (HIABC) Scope of Inspection stresses the home inspector’s responsibility to act in a strictly fair, impartial, and professional manner, and to protect consumers by disallowing conflict of interest activities.

Home Inspectors Association BC (HIABC) Code of Ethics

Honesty, justice, and courtesy form a moral philosophy which, associated with mutual interest among people, constitutes the foundation of ethics.  The members should recognize such a standard, not in passive observance, but as a set of dynamic principles guiding their conduct.  It is their duty to practice the profession according to this code of ethics.

As the keystone of professional conduct is integrity, the Members will discharge their duties with fidelity to the public, their clients, and with fairness and impartiality to all.  They should uphold the honor and dignity of their profession and avoid association with any enterprise of questionable character, or apparent conflict of interest.

1.  The member will express an opinion only when it is based on practical experience and honest conviction.

2.  The member will always act in good faith toward each client.

3.  The member will not disclose any information concerning the results of the inspection without the approval of the clients or their representatives.

4.  The member will not accept compensation, financial or otherwise, from more than one interested party for the same service without the consent of all interested parties.

5.  Inspectors shall avoid conflicts of interest or activities that compromise, or appear to compromise, professional independence, objectivity, or inspection integrity.

6. Home inspectors shall not, directly or indirectly compensate, provide or receive a thing of value, inducement or reward:

a.  to realtors, brokers or other parties having a financial vested interest in the closing or settlement of real estate transactions.

b.  for the referral of any business to the inspector or the inspection company, or for inclusion on a list of recommended inspectors, preferred providers, or similar arrangements.

7. Members will not use or disclose personal information about clients, home owners, occupants, or the identity of the inspected property or its contents for purposes other than those for which it was collected:

a.  Except with the informed consent of the client, home owner, occupant, or any other person involved in the home inspection, or with the informed consent of all parties affected by the information, or as required by law.

8.  The inspection work may not be used as a vehicle by the inspector to deliberately obtain work in another field.

9.  An inspector shall make every effort to uphold, maintain, and improve the professional integrity, reputation, and practice of the home inspection profession.  He or she will report all such relevant information, including violations of this Code by other members, to the Association for possible remedial action.

10. No member shall be actively engaged as a broker or agent in the sale, purchase or listing of Real Estate.

11. The Inspector shall not repair any condition found during an inspection or give cost estimates.

12. Members shall always be objective in their reporting and not knowingly overstate or understate the significance of observed conditions.